It was a horizon to horizon, grey featureless cloudy sky conditions start to the day here in the D15 area this morning.

It rained a good bit during hours of darkness and continued for a time after dawn. It is not raining at time of writing  (10:50 hrs). Wind direction was south westerly, and wind speed was: 28 kph at 10:15 hrs.

On the 28th of October 2020 the Technocracy News & Trends site published an article entitled: “Scientists Openly Look To ‘Chemtrails’ to Cool Planet Earth”

The TN&T website is owned and operated by renowned author Patrick Wood. Patrick is a leading expert in matters Technocracy (part of which, is the assault upon out atmosphere which we have been witnessing now for so many years. When such is commented and reported upon, by ordinary observant folk, such observations are have been typically smacked down by officialdom [official DUM] and referred to as “conspiracy theory”. SAI (Stratospheric Aerial Injection) or as it is colloquially called: “Chemtrailing” is as real as NIGHT following DAY. Toxic metallic nanoparticles, among which are: aluminium, barium, strontium … to name but a few, are sprayed out high in our troposphere, somewhere in the world on virtually a daily basis. The net result of such particulate matter eventually, via wind currents and gravity settling into our soil and aquifers can mean only one thing: pollution. Such pollution can lead only to ill health and premature death for humans and wildlife alike. 

Here is a link to the article in question –

On the 27th of October 2020 Tony Heller uploaded a video entitled: “The War On Science”

The text preamble to Tony’s video is as follows: “Climate alarmism depends on temperature graphs from government agencies, and alarmists are very upset that the graphs are being examined for accuracy.”

Here is a link to the video in question –
Here is the interactive slide presentation associated with today’s report –

From today onward (10/9/20), I am including a new feature in my daily Celtic Sky Blogs. Introducing Dr. Vernon Coleman (a wise man in a chair). Indeed Vernon is a very wise, and hugely perceptive man in a chair who, for the past several months has been posting video logs of his thoughts and considerations in relation to, to say the very least,  the massively turbulent, and unpleasant times, we are all struggling to try and live through right now.  Vernon is direct, to the point, and pulls no punches in vocalising what he sees, as the fast deteriorating circumstance, in our world of today. What Vernon comments upon, is a world reach, evil, and corrupt nexus of individuals, working together, to fast degrade our world, and in so doing, destroy the livelihoods and lives, of millions.  Although this blog is primarily concerned with matters weather and climate, I do not see what I comment upon, vis-a-vis weather and climate, to be in any way incongruent, with the range of issues which Vernon currently comments upon.  No, is see all of this evil as being fully intertwined and being masterminded and controlled out of sight, from within the shadows, by a select cohort, of truly evil and psychopathic individuals. Therefore, it is without question an honour for me, to be in a position to mirror Vernon’s wise words and wisdom in this blog.

Here is a link to Vernon’s website –


On this day in 2019, the ambient temperature circa mid morning in D15 was: [8.5c ]. Today 2020, at time of writing (11:44 hrs) in D15, the ambient temperature recorded is [ 14.1c ] or 5.6c warmer, than on this day last year.  When viewing these, day on day specific stats, readers must bear in mind that it is only a comparison of day on day stats over time,  which will indicate warming or cooling trends. 

From today onward (6th September 2019),  I will be including, what arguably is one of the most important elements of proof of outright FRAUD, in relation to “Climate Change”. It is an abstraction from a Club of Rome document (see the image above), which 100% places them as centerpiece, in their own words, in relation to today’s ongoing Climate FRAUD.  UN IPCC & Club of Rome? CRIMINAL FRAUDSTERS?

I have also included a link below to a “next 48hrs” weather forecast for “Connacht (RoI), Leinster (RoI), Munster (RoI) & Ulster”  and a summary image, courtesy of the: “Norwegian: Meteorologisk Institutt” –

Also included among the images, from time to time, from 27th November 2018 onward, will be a schematic, which records the pH value noted, in the most recent D15 area rain sample, which I have analysed i.e. a monitoring for: ACID RAIN. Analysis carried out only on rainfall samples of 50ml or greater.

There is no natural weather any more. Know your weather modification history. Start your learning experience with Jim Lee here at –

Continue your learning on matters weather modification here, at this excellent Irish educational resource.  It is owned and operated by Terry Lawton. Terry’s breadth and depth of knowledge, in relation to what’s happening in our skies is at the very least, on an equal par, with the amazing work done by Jim Lee, the latter whose material you may have just reviewed. Over many years, Terry has amassed such a volume of facts based information on this subject that it has enabled him, with very high credibility, to join so many dots in a picture which seems to reveal how so-called “full spectrum dominance” is gradually unfolding.

Check out Terry’s information resource here –   

No rain pH Report available for publication today.

On and from the 15th April 2019, (i.e. from Rain Sample No:97), I included, as part of my testing process, a  simple visual examination of each sample, utilising ultraviolet light. I quickly began to notice the presence of tiny fibres or strands, of varying lengths. I have no idea what these are, and I have no means of conducting any further tests or examinations, which might lead to an understanding of their composition, or a determination of their origin. I have decided however, to record here, what I am seeing, and to provide an on going, basic quantitative analysis, of their presence in rain samples.

If you would like to leave a comment for the greater Celtic Sky Report Community relating to this report, or to any other issue relating to weather modification, then please do so in the comment section directly below this report. If in addition or instead, you would like to contact me directly and privately (as private as Gmail may be that is), then please send your email messages to:  [  ] and let me know via Twitter @DisparatePost that you have done so. I would be more than happy to hear from you & will acknowledge and/or respond, first means.  Thank you.

Weather terms learning corner – [ DANSGAARD-OESCHGER EVENT ] – In weather context, what does “dansgaard-oeschger event” mean? Dansgaard-Oeschger Event will be best understood by viewing this  –

Cheers Folks – Frank Lennon

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